Folding-screen phones have been labeled with “trendy toys” and “unpractical design” for a long time. And it is difficult for them to really fit in users’ daily lives. However, this time Huawei Mate X2 gives people a different feeling, compared to its predecessor, this is a more mature, more practical product, with excellent user experience.

1, Detail features

Although folding screen phones only have two forms, between the form of change, many problems may occur like, creases, gaps, and so on. However, Huawei Mate X2 relies on design to solve these problems.

①Fold seamlessly: “multi-fold” double wedge design

Huawei Mate X2 used a pioneer double wedge design, when the left and right screens are folded, they can fit together neatly like two “wedges”, achieving a nearly seamless effect. This is a clear improvement, which most of the previously released folding screen phones can not achieve, and will not be able to block external dust on the screen and hinge.

Because of the wedge design, the thickness of the screen decreased, and the leftmost edge is just 4.4mm, which is very thin and light. The rightmost part of the screen is not wasted, as it is reserved for the lens module, which also has a 10x periscope lens, which is the first of its kind.

In addition, this design not only takes into account the visual effect of the screen but also takes care of the grip experience when we hold the phone with one hand, for example, when holding it with one hand, the center of gravity is exactly to the right-hand position, at this time the right hand becomes a fulcrum, cleverly reaching a very balanced state.

②Double rotating waterdrop hinge brings visual upgrade

For folding screen phones, the crease after unfolding has been difficult to be truly overcome. Although the folded Huawei Mate X2 does not completely eliminate this crease, it is indeed very well hidden, and it is almost difficult to notice without a close look and has an almost “no trace” visual experience, which is actually thanks to the unique hinge structure of Huawei Mate X2. Because no matter which folding screen product, the hinge is the focus of attention, it determines the product’s life, appearance, and user experience.

Huawei Mate X2 brings a design structure called “dual-spin water drop hinge”, which is claimed to have taken five years to overcome the technology, the following picture can already be a very vivid image of the special features of this design.

In addition to the almost “scarless” look and feel, the hinge system also uses a variety of highly sophisticated special materials and special manufacturing processes. Zirconium-based liquid metal is still not absent and has been widely used in previous generations of products. In addition, Huawei also introduced for the first time super-strong steel, which can prevent impact and not deformation, and the strength is even more than the car B-pillar.

At the same time, the hinge system also added carbon fiber composite material, to ensure light while achieving high strength, Huawei Mate X2 screen durability and reliability will also have a good improvement.

  1. Dual internal and external screens

Huawei Mate X2’s external screen is a 6.45-inch 21:9 OLED display, supporting a 90Hz high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, and P3 wide color gamut. (The inner screen also supports a 90Hz high refresh rate and P3 wide color gamut)

The bezel of the outer screen is narrow and the display area is larger. Compared to the external screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, the Huawei Mate X2’s screen is wider and closer to a normal phone screen when held in one hand, making it more comfortable to use the external screen alone, especially when playing games or catching up on dramas.

The Mate X2 is equipped with a super large screen, the visual effect of the unfolded is definitely not comparable to traditional cell phones. In addition to the nearly crease-free look and feel previously mentioned, the screen has two other significant advantages, one is the first magnetic nano-optical film, and the other is the 8:7.1 golden display ratio.

As for the 8:7.1 golden ratio, the advantage of this ratio is that when two applications are in a split-screen state, the application can display an area up to 100%, equivalent to two phone screens together.

In addition, some people may worry that the ratio of Huawei Mate X2 will make a lot of software can not be adapted, after all, most of the mainstream APP is 18:9, 8:7.1 is slightly alternative. However, this time Huawei Mate X2 has completed 80% update of the TOP 3000 software, at present, Huawei Mate X2 adapted applications have covered reading, video, online shopping, games, social, office, travel, finance, and many other scenarios, software The ecology is more complete, so there is really no need to worry about this.

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