Whitaker Studio Starburst House

Locates near the Joshua Tree National Park, California, the 240-square-yard Starburst House shapes just like its name.

Featuring no interior doors, the house uses containers that extend to different views and angles to provide different functions. It also makes use of the topography to provide privacy.

The house has three ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, and a large living room, allowing people to appreciate different aspects of the park. Besides, it uses solar panels laid over its car garage for power.

Designed by London-based Whitaker Studios, founded by James Whitaker, the concept of Starburst House was firstly unveiled and suddenly went sensational in 2017. Although the house hasn’t been built since then, it’s up for sale for $3.5 million. This house is claimed to be “ideal for those who seek tranquility for their spiritual, meditation, or yoga practices.”

Whitaker Studios has designed buildings, master-plans, and objects around the world, such as the unique Mauritian restaurant, and the Anywhere House that can literally fit anywhere for your needs.

Source from: Whitaker Studios

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