A smart home in a simple practical sense can be described as replacing appliances and setting up new improved appliances equipped with an automated connection for easier accessibility and better security. Benefits of a smart home include saving energy and money, better security, handling regular tasks, and making home more entertaining. For the purpose of residence as you invest in apartments and condos, you also need to be aware of the modern facilities and its security. If you want to get yourself a good condo which you can call a smart home, make sure you know about the condo dwelling coverage so that all your smart essentials are covered in insurance.

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Where to start? Ok Here are a few devices and their features, you can use to build a smart home.


The heart of the smart home is the central control unit, with which various smart components are connected and can be controlled from the PC, Smartphone, or tablet. Common wireless standards such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Z-Wave are used for communication or controlling devices. The central control unit is also termed a hub or gateway. You will probably want to take the plunge with one of the big three smart home ecosystems. Currently, those are Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. With smart assistance, you get an assistant that lets you control your home gadgets with a simple voice command. A smart speaker helps you manage you or your family’s schedule, summarize the top news stories, weather and so much more. Ok, so you’ve chosen your smart home hub or controller – what’s next? A good way to think about building your system is to pick a home category then look around for products that work with the ecosystem you’ve chosen.


Smart lights are some of the most affordable smart home devices and are also easy to set up. They can be switched on according to the users’ preferences, control the light color and the brightness levels, etc. Smart bulbs are energy efficient and can also provide home security since they come with sensor motion detection features. They can turn on and send you an alert notification. Bulbs from LIFX and TP-Link, for example, communicate over Wi-Fi, while some others communicate via the Bluetooth radio in your smartphone. If you use lamps for most of your lighting, a smart plug such as the Wemo Mini will enable you to turn the lamp on and off—and dim its dumb light bulb—with a smartphone app. 


In a smart centralized home, you will be able to lock or unlock, as well as monitor the state of your front door or windows at any given time or giving someone temporary access to your home without them having a needing a key. You will get alerts sent directly to your phone when someone is at your door, custom motion can also be programmed depending on your home. There are a number of smart home security systems that are available in the market. Some of the devices you can check out include August Smart Keyless Door, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Wyze 1080p Security Camera, Ring Exterior Floodlight Camera, Ring Smart Home Alarm Kit..

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ECOBEE (5TH GENERATION) (Smart Thermostat)

The fifth generation Ecobee Smart thermostat allows the users to control air temperature through voice commands.  It not only uses sensors to cue your HVAC system to heat or cool based on the room you’re currently occupying, it also features a built-in Amazon Echo smart speaker. This thermostat is sleek in design and has many features like a remote sensor to reduce hot or cold spots in different rooms and a slick touchscreen interface. The fifth generation Ecobee has better speakers than its previous versions and since it has Alexa service the users can command it to play music, shop and control other devices.


Simplisafe is an inexpensive professional monitoring device that guarantees its merits to anyone who owns it and causes no trouble with installation. This protector device oversees the overall need of the house and notifies you.They provide no-contract monthly services which enable you to be less bothered about contractual issues and it gives Wi-fi monitoring plans as well. This security system conducts a program that prevents fire, light or water damage, intruders etc. It is designed to monitor doors, windows, and attends emergency alert in haste. It has simplisafe keypad, motion sensor, smoke detector, panic button, indoor and outdoor camera, and a lot more in various packages.

A smart home can also keep you and your family entertained, safe, and informed in new and exciting ways. Connected speakers, combined with AI-based digital assistants, can play music, offer news and sports scores, secure your surroundings, and can even help you control other connected devices as well. Connected devices can also find good and exciting healthy activities indoors to watch a movie, cooking guide, or taking a family outing in nature.

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