These glasses automatically adjust to any prescription

If you aren’t lucky enough to have 20/20 vision, at some point you may have a separate pair of glasses for everyday use and another pair for reading.

Via University of Utah

A research team at the University of Utah recently created a pair of smart glasses that feature liquid-based lenses that automatically adjust focus on what a person is seeing.

The adaptive lenses are made from glycerin which is a thick colorless liquid. The glycerin is enclosed by flexible rubber-like membranes in the front and back of the lens.

Via University of Utah

The lenses focus via a mechanism that is connected to the rear membrane of each lens. The mechanism consists of three mechanical actuators that move the membrane back and forth – this changes the curvature of the liquid lens.

When the curvature is altered, the focal length between the eye and the lens shifts and corrects the wearer’s vision.


The lenses are housed in a frame that contains electronics and a battery to control and power the focusing mechanism.

Enclosed in the bridge of the glasses is a distance meter that gauges what the wearer is looking at – this mechanism determines how the lenses focus. At this point in time, the adaptive lenses can shift focus from one object to another in a quick 14 milliseconds.

Via University of Utah

When a new user wears the glasses for the first time, all they need to do is input their prescription into a smartphone app, and the glasses take care of the rest!

Via University of Utah

At this point in time, the prototype frame is quite bulky; however, the team is working to thin down the design. They noted that they will likely have a pair on the market in as early as three years.


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