The first electric autonomous street sweeper

Street sweeping vacuums are essential to keeping any large city or town looking neat and keeping it free of pollution. Without these powerful vacuums, our streets would look unkempt, and harmful pollutants would find their way into neighboring ecosystems.

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When you think of an autonomous vehicle, a street sweeper is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In all honesty, it may be the last thing that you think of…


Despite this fact, autonomous street vacuums are taking to the streets in efforts to keep our cities and towns clean.

TSM, an Italian company, recently released the Ariamatic 240, the first electric litter vacuum cleaner with an autonomous driving system.


This revolutionary autonomous, electric vacuum allows the operator to work completely independently of the vehicle.

In specific, the vacuum is equipped with a “Follow Me” system that recognizes and automatically follows the operator throughout the city.


As the operator walks around operating the machine’s vacuum, it follows them around making their job extremely easy and pain free. When the operator is not actively vacuuming, the Ariamatic 240 will continue to follow them throughout the area which they are cleaning.


As with any autonomous vehicle, the Ariamatic 240 is equipped with smart technology that detects obstacles and people. These features ensure the safety of both the operator and the pedestrians in the areas which the vacuum is cleaning.


The Ariamatic 240 is also extremely environmentally friendly, as it runs solely on electricity and releases zero emissions.

This vacuum is an excellent example of utilizing autonomous technology to make worker’s lives easier and more efficient. Before you know it, your city or town’s streets may be cleaned with the help of one of these futuristic vacuum devices.

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