This innovative building technique only requires recycled wood and plastic bottles

No matter where you look, you will likely find a plastic bottle. Whether overflowing out of a garbage can or littered on a city street, there is an absolute abundance of plastic bottles that are not being properly disposed of/recycled.

What if all these excess bottles could be used as building materials?

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Designer Micaella Pedros, though exactly this when she began her Joining Bottles project.

Via Joining Bottles

The project is based on an experimental wood-joining technique using heat shrunk plastic bottles.

By simply adding heat to the bottles and positioning them strategically along two pieces of wood, their traditional function is abandoned, and they transform into a wood bonding material.

Via Joining Bottles

This technique offers an extremely accessible way to build functional tools and structures.

The bond created by the plastic bottle appears to be strong and stable; however, I don’t expect this exact technology to be used in the construction of homes and more substantial structures.

Via Joining Bottles

The creator of this unique process believes that it can make a difference in developing countries. Not only does it promote the collection and recycling of plastic bottles and wood materials, but it also helps in the construction of tools, structures, and even art.

Via Joining Bottles

In addition, the creator notes that because of the varying natures and aesthetics of the found wood pieces and plastic bottles, each construction has its own unique character. As you build with these materials, the final result with have a one-of-a-kind design and construction.

The creator of the Joining Bottles projects believes that this creative nature of the construction technique can empower individuals and bring communities together.

Via Joining Bottles

I have to admit – after seeing this video, I am tempted to gather some plastic bottles, wood, and a heat gun and see what I come up with…

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