This bizarre robot can travel through sand, snow, ice, and even underwater

We are sure that you have heard of many robots that can travel on land, and it is likely that you are familiar with robots that can swim underwater. Such robots have been around for quite sometime and may not even grasp your attention… That being said, what if there was a robot that could do both?


Velox is a robot designed by Pliant Energy Systems that can travel through sand, snow, ice, and even underwater.

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The Velox robot travels via a set of “fins” that allow the robot to, as described by its creators, swim like a ray, crawl like a millipede, jet like a squid, and slide like a snake. Because of this wide range of locomotive abilities, the Velox can perform tasks that that traditional land and aquatic robots could not.


For example, the device can be used to perform coral reef inspection with high maneuverability and precision while streaming live video to the crew controlling the craft.

In addition, the Velox can be used in rescue missions to tow drowning victims and those who have fallen through thin ice to safety.


Other uses for the craft include salvage missions and scientific testing missions – essentially, this robot can be used for any task that requires precise maneuverability in and out of the water.

In situations in which the water or ocean, stream, or lake floor is to be remain undisturbed, the fin-like propellers can be substituted with stand-alone thrusters. This feature is especially useful when surveying sensitive areas such as coral reefs, sea grass beds, and mangroves.


Velox can even be used as a propulsion system for divers – now that sounds like fun!

Ultimately, this versatile robot is unlike anything we have seen before, and it appears to have many practical and even lifesaving functions.

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