This auto-leaning suspension ATV costs more than a BMW

When driving a motorcycle or an ATV, it is often difficult to maneuver on rough, un-level terrain. On terrain such as this, your vehicle is more likely to lose control and even roll over.

With the help of leaning suspension technology by WESLL, you will not have to worry about your vehicle when maneuvering over rough terrains.


WESLL, a motorsport and suspension manufacturer, developed the first active long travel leaning suspension technology. With this leaning suspension system, your motorcycle or ATV can travel in all situations on and off the road.


The innovative leaning suspension system is able to rapidly adapt to surface imbalances to ensure that the rider stays level when riding.

No matter the terrain or obstacle, the rider stays in place on their vehicle. Isolating the wheels from the rider allows for greater rider comfort in addition to optimized control and stability.


WESLL offers this leaning suspension technology on a 3-wheel motorcycle-like model (800 GS 2WD Adventure) and a 4-wheel ATV-like model (900 GS AWD Hybrid Expedition).

WESLL’s vehicles are far from cheap, but if you are interested in purchasing one of the leaning suspension rides, they are currently available for pre-order.


The 800 GS 2WD Adventure retails for $38,568 and the 900 GS AWD Hybrid Expedition retails for $48,528.

Ultimately, if you are willing to pay this extremely expensive purchase price, you will be cruising over any terrain while remaining completely level and comfortable.


Is this stability and comfort worth the price tag? That is for you to decide…

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