This bizarre robot assistant is a cross between a kangaroo and a motorcycle

Have you ever been fortunate enough to own a loyal dog that would never leave your side? What if this companionship and loyalty could exist in the form of a robotic assistant?

With CanguRo, an intelligent and ridable robot developed by Future Robotics Technology Center (fuRo) of Chiba Institute of Technology, this fantasy becomes a bizarre reality.

Video via fuRo.

CanguRo is what its inventors refer to as a partner robot. This means that it never leaves the side of its “master” or owner.

Image via fuRo.

The autonomous partner robot works in two different modes – “robot mode” and “ride mode.”

In “robot mode,” CanguRo follows its master around providing assistance when necessary. For example, the robot can work as a communications terminal and facilitate voice and text chats. The robot can also assist with carrying and lifting objects.

Video via fuRo.

When the robot is not directly by its owner’s side, it can be summoned via a prompt on a smartphone or tablet.

When the robot’s owner wishes to travel, CanguRo transforms itself into “ride mode.” In this mode, the robot turns into a vehicle that can be described as a futuristic combination of a kangaroo and a motorcycle.

Image via fuRo.

The robot’s speed and navigation is controlled directly by the rider depending on the force and movement of their body’s lean.

Video via fuRo.

In ride mode, CanguRo produces a variety of sensory movements and pulses that are used to create a feeling of human-machine integration. These include heartbeat-like pulses that help the rider recognize their travel speed.

The CanguRo concept is also equipped with a smart-stop function that automatically applies brakes and prevents collisions in the event of a potential accident.

Image via fuRo.

At this point in time, CanguRo is a concept model that is not available for purchase, but in the near future, you may be accompanied by this bizarre mechanical kangaroo/motorcycle hybrid wherever you go.


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