Bosch releases abs system for eBikes and more

eBikes have recently become an extremely popular, affordable, and efficient mode of transportation. With electric drivetrain technology, these futuristic bikes give you the option to pedal or to simply coast along as the electric motor does the work.

One of the leading eBike manufacturers and innovators, Bosch, recently released a number of impressive eBike technologies that will be included in their 2019 offerings.

One of Bosch’s most impressive new technologies is the COBI Bike system. With this system, you can connect your eBike to any smartphone and control music streaming, navigation, and fitness apps safely and intuitively from your bike’s handlebar via attachable remotes.

In addition, Bluetooth sensors can be connected to the system that allows it to display real-time data like cadence, speed, and heart rate.

Bosch also developed the eBike ABS system which is the first eBike anti-lock braking system. Enabling more controlled and stable braking, the system improves brake response and increases the rider’s safety.

Furthermore, the Performance Line CX drive train system now offers stronger walking assistance for when the terrain is too difficult and you need to walk your bike. The powerful walk assistance feature can tackle near any terrain and even steep gradients.

Bosch’s 2019 offerings also include the Kiox on-board computer, a small, compact device that helps riders track their speed, performance data, and heart rate along with their eBike’s battery level.

Lastly, Bosch developed the fastest eBike charger on the market called the Fast Charger. In about an hour, the charger can charge the bike’s battery to 50 percent – this means you can spend more time riding and less charging.


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  1. Wow! thank you for sharing this latest info of bosch ebikes, it is looking cool and i wish i could buy it one day

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