Autonomous cargo ships may soon become reality

In recent years, autonomous car technology has proliferated, and within a few years, it is likely that autonomous vehicles will rule the road. That being said, autonomous technology is not limited to just the roads… Soon autonomous fleets of cargo ships will be transporting goods all over the globe.

Intel recently announced a partnership with Rolls-Royce to develop autonomous shipping solutions. The partners plan to roll out a fully autonomous fleet by 2025.

To ship autonomously, one has to take into account the massive amounts of data that will be processed in real time via the self-driving ships.

For example, the ships will use advanced LIDAR technology to detect for objects/interruptions in the water. In addition, that ships will also be equipped with hoards of other sensors including thermal and radar imaging technology along with ultra-high-resolution cameras that will detect obstacles underneath the water, on top of it, and even above it.

With the help of Intel’s AI solutions and data processing technology, the Rolls-Royce Intelligent Awareness System will be able to process all of this navigation data in real time to successfully maneuver the cargo ship.

Within a few years’ time, the goods that you use on a daily basis may be shipped via autonomous cargo ships. To the high seas!

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