This innovative design literally reinvents the wheel

For quite some time, standard vehicle wheel systems have remained largely the same. These wheels certainly get the job done when traveling from point A to point B, but are they truly efficient?

California based wheel company ORBIS wondered the exact same thing…


This question led the team at ORBIS to quite literally reinvented the wheel by separating it into two independent parts to increase its efficiency.

The wheel itself is separated into a stationary hub and a rim/ring. When the wheel is in motion, the ring rotates around the stationary hub which is driven by a lightweight, high speed motor.


As a result, the wheel’s efficiency is greatly improved in regard to its braking and maneuvering abilities.

The Ring-Drive wheel essentially spins with greater ease and subsequently spins longer. This is the result of limiting the rotating mass to the rim, brake ring, and tire.


With the Ring-Drive, vehicle braking efficiency is greatly improved. In fact, ORBIS recently tested the braking efficiency by comparing a Honda Type R equipped with stock brakes and the same model equipped with Ring-Drive technology.

In the test, researchers simulated fast, abrupt stops to test the brakes performance – they found that the Ring-Drive system reduced mechanical brake temperatures by an impressive 30%. In addition, the results determined that the Ring-Drive wheel showed an increase in safety and durability and a reduction of maintenance costs.


In terms of maneuverability, the Ring-Drive wheel also improves upon a standard wheel’s ability to handle. ORBIS wheels essentially allow forward, backward, and sideways motion while steering each of the wheels in unison or independently from one another.


Furthermore, the Ring-Drive wheel has much more strength than a standard wheel as a result of its innovative design and manufacturing. The design is said to improve braking effectiveness by a staggering 40%.

Ring-Drive wheels are on the cutting-edge and will likely not be available in consumer cars right away. However, in the near future, your car may be equipped with one of these high-performance wheel systems.