The Ultimate Golf Simulator

Although golfing everyday may sound ideal to you, it may be an impossible reality. Perhaps you don’t have the financial independence to play at a course every day, or maybe the weather doesn’t seem to work in your favor. You may even live in a climate that experiences harsh winters.

What if it was possible to golf every day?

With GOLFZON, this seemingly impossible feat becomes possible…


GOLFZON is a golfing simulator that delivers a strikingly accurate imitation of the actual experience.

The system includes an auto tee-up system that automatically collects and dispenses a golf ball for each shot. In addition, the tee height is fully adjustable, so you can position it to suit your golfing style and desired shot outcome.


GOLFZON also has a moving swing plate that allows you to hit shots anywhere. The swing plate can accommodate a full 360 degrees of directional movement to allow for extremely realistic playing. The plate even tilts up and down to mimic the slope of a golf course.


The simulator also has multi-surface hitting mats that simulate fairway, rough, and sand bunk conditions create another level of realism.


This golf simulator also allows you to connect with users around the globe to complete in online competition events.

Want to re-live your best swings? The simulator offers swing replay videos and even transmits your best swing of the day to your online profile. You can also stack up against your friends and check out their scorecards and stats online!


There are currently 5,500 GOLFZON sites in 48 countries throughout the world and 55,000 individual simulators.

Annually, the 2 million members of GOLFZON play 55 million rounds a year (this equates to a staggering 150,000 rounds per day). Who’s ready to tee up?