The company behind moving a building preserving the architecture.

Saying goodbye to a home and transitioning into a new one is not always easy – especially when you have become especially familiar with the features of your old home.

With the help of services provided by U.S. based Paterson Structural Moving and Shoring your move may not be so painful after all… and you won’t even have to say goodbye to your old home.

Via Paterson Structural Moving and Shoring

How is this possible? Well, Paterson is an expert in moving homes from one location to another.

The company has experience moving all sorts of homes including ones built with stone, a wood frame, brick, steel, logs, etc.

Via Paterson Structural Moving and Shoring

In addition, the team at Patterson claims that they can move buildings of any size and weight. Rationally speaking, there must be some sort of cap on it, but they can essentially move most homes.

Via Paterson Structural Moving and Shoring

Along with the fear of getting homesick, homes can be moved to avoid demotion, to shift property/tax lines, and to avoid flood zones.  

Via Paterson Structural Moving and Shoring

Along with moving moves, Patterson also offers other unique home services. One such service is home elevation lifting. This service is particularly popular in the Southern part of the United States, especially along the Gulf Coast where heavy rain and hurricanes can easily destroy homes.

Home elevation reduces the risk of flooding by lifting an existing home well above projected flood lines. Similar to their home relocation services, the company can raise homes of nearly any construction and size.

Furthermore, Patterson can also re-level homes should they experience any shifting over time as the result of natural disaster or ground compression.

There is no place like home – and with the unique services offered via this company, you will never be separated from or lose your humble abode.

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