The solution to the water crisis might be in the air

Nations all across the globe are in the midst of a water crisis. India in particular is experiencing one of the worst moments of water crisis. Over 600 million people experience water shortage on a daily basis, and the country lacks the investment and infrastructures to improve it.

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One of the key factors contributing to the crisis is water pollution. The Ganges River supplies water to more than 500 million people in the country. However, the river is so polluted with human remains, sewage, and other pollutants, India has to invest in massive cleanup efforts and is considering using flesh eating turtles to reduce the pollution.

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The crisis may have an easier band-aid solution that is right in front of us the whole time – the air.

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Watergen is a company working on converting the humidity in the air to create clean and fresh drinking water.

Whether it is in a commercial office building, a village in a third world country, or at the site of a natural disaster, water can be extracted from the air to provide clean, safe drinking water.

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Watergen calls this water extraction method GENius technology, and their water generators come in a range of sizes for a variety of applications.

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The atmospheric water generator works by drawing air into itself and then thoroughly filtering it to ensure that only pure air free of dirt and dust remains. Next, the air is directed through the GENius heat exchange/cooling process. This process brings the air to its dew point or the point in which condensation occurs.

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Afterwards, the water created is filtered through a multi-stage process that adds minerals and removes impurities.

When the water completes this cycle, it is stored in a built-in reservoir where it is kept fresh. If the system is connected to a larger setup, it is fed into the water grid of a building, neighborhood, or city. Drink up!

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