This bizarre drone can fly in any inaccessible space

Drones are extremely useful tools across many different industries. They allow operators to reach spaces that they could not access themselves and provide an alternate, aerial perspective that could otherwise not be seen.

That being said, sometimes certain spaces are too tight for a conventional drone to fly safely without crashing. When it comes to flying a drone, one small mistake can be the end, and they are extremely expensive to repair and replace.

Via Flyability

Thanks to Flyability’s drone offerings, you can fly a drone in nearly any space, no matter how tight or confined it is.

Thanks to a protective outer shell, the drone can maneuver while touching other objects and building elements.

Via Flyability

As opposed to typical drones, which crash when they touch foreign objects, the outer shell prevents the drone from crashing even it comes in contact with any type of wall, pipe, etc.

Via Flyability

Flyability’s drones have been used in a wide variety of applications across many industries. For example, in the energy industries, they are often used in tight boiler spaces and in the inspection of large energy-related structures. In addition, they are used in the oil, gas, and maritime industries to inspect tanks, vessels, and cargo holds.

Via Flyability

That being said, these shell-protected drones can be used in any other industries in spaces such as tunnels, stacks, lifting equipment, roofs, and furnaces.

Flyability’s drones are also used in search and rescue operations and emergency scenarios where it would be unsafe to send a human into the scene.

Via Flyability

Ultimately, these drones allow companies to increase worker safety, lower downtime, and reduce inspection costs. By creating a drone that can go where no human, or other drone, can safely go, Flyability successfully found a gap in the crowded drone industry.


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