This wristband can heat or cool your entire body in minutes

Do you ever find yourself getting too hot or cold indoors and outside? Unfortunately, you can’t always control any given building or location’s thermostat, so you are left feeling uncomfortable.

Fortunately, an innovative wearable called Embr Wave allows you to take control of your body’s temperature and your subsequent comfort.

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Embr Wave is a wristband that heats and cools your body directly.

The wristband works by precisely cooling or warming the temperature sensitive skin on your wrist according to your desired temperature. The wearable can help you feel 5 degrees warmer and 5 degrees cooler in only a few minutes.

Via Embr

Embr Wave’s technology is the result of a physiological insight that determined that warming/cooling specific points on the body can make you feel more comfortable without actually changing the body’s core temperature.

As opposed to warming the body’s core temperature, the wristband stimulates the wrist’s thermoreceptors which triggers regions of the brain that are responsible for thermoregulation and pleasure.

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Using the wristband is simple – when you feel to hot or cold, all you need to do is press and hold the device’s lightbar to determine whether you want to heat or cool your body.

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As a result of heating or cooling this temperature sensitive region on the wrist, your body feels the desired effect within minutes.

It is impossible to always have control of the external temperature, but with Embr Wave you can take back this control.

Via Embr

I would love to test this product to truly understand how the cooling and heating waves feel and the effect that they have on my overall comfort. That being said, this is a really clever invention that can certainly help in making your everyday life a bit more comfortable.


  1. i want to buy

  2. where to order this on?
    send me the link


  4. Can we actually buy any of these gadgets, my mother feels the cold all the time and the embr would be a boon for her?

    • There’s the link in the article. Hard to miss. Though it costs 300 USD, so I don’t think it’s a good-buy

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