High tech face mask for air pollution

Air pollution is a serious problem in many large cities throughout the world. In efforts to filter the air and block the harmful pollutants, people often wear face mask and respirators.

The market for facemasks and respirators is massive and it only continues to grow as cities continue to grow and as pollution continues to rise.

Via 0202

0202, a company based out of New Zealand, is working to redefine the market for face masks and respirators.

When you look at the current market for pollution blocking face masks and respirators, it appears as if most users wear extremely primitive, disposable models that do not offer that much protection.

Via 0202

These primitive options create other uncomfortable, irritating issues such as the rebreathing of hot, humid air, the smudging of makeup, and the fogging up of glasses.

0202’s model, on the other hand, offers advanced nano-fiber technology to clean and filter the air. At the same time, they provided unparalleled comfort, performance, and style.

Via 0202

In addition, unlike other facemask models, 0202’s design allows its wearer to remain visible behind the clear protective shield.

0202’s facemask also offers an impressive feature that allows you to measure your vital signs while also monitoring your city’s air quality.

An early prototype of the facemask – Via 0202

With data pooled from a number of 0202 face masks, cities can work to understand which areas become the most polluted and work to reduce air quality issues.

Via 0202

In a perfect world we would not need face mask to go about our daily life. That being said, until serious measures are taken to cut down on pollution, these masks are a necessity in some parts of the world.


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  2. How can I buy it? Can I get the web site address for this company?

  3. My sinuses and lungs are very sensitive to smog or smoke of any kind- are these masks for sale yet? If so, how do I purchase one?

    • How can I buy it? Can I get the web site address for this company?

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  5. I would like to buy 0202’s model.
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