Panasonic’s CES debut: A full frame mirrorless 4K slow motion camera and a $30k electric Harley Davidson

Full frame mirrorless camera

As one of the first manufacturers to embrace the mirrorless camera, Panasonic announced it will roll out its first full frame mirrorless camera the S series in March 2019.

The S Series will have 4K resolution capability at 60 frames per second. The camera features double card slots, dual image stabilization and it is weather resistant. For vloggers, the S series will also have a 3 axis tillable LCD screen.

Electric Harley Davidson

Panasonic and Harley Davidson joined force to announce the first cellar capable E-bike. You will be able to stay connected with your bike more than ever. The LiveWire is a lot quieter and a lot more expensive than a regular Harley Davidson at about $30,000 on their website.

Harley Davidson said the LiveWire is targeting at urban transportation.

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