Up you bicycle game with this futuristic light system

If you are a cyclist that rides in the evening, nighttime, or in rainy or foggy conditions, it is imperative that you have a proper light system on your bicycle.

Via Magnic

Without proper visibility, you are putting yourself at extreme risk for an accident that could be easily avoidable.

That being said, traditional bicycle light systems have numerous downfalls. For example, they are often cumbersome, require constant battery changes, and often require messy cables and battery packs.

Via Magnic

With Magnic Microlights, you can safely illuminate your bicycle with power generated by your own riding. No longer will you need to worry about changing batteries or getting tangled in unnecessary cables while riding.

Via Magnic

Magnic Microlights are especially innovative because they generate power without any physical contact.

Using strong neodymium magnets (these magnets have the highest magnetization strength available for industrial applications), the light system is able to generate power from the rotation of the wheels alone.

Via Magnic

When the bicycle’s wheels are spinning, the magnets inside of the light’s generator induce an eddy current with the magnetic fields in the wheel. This interaction between the magnetic forces generates the power to illuminate the lights – no contact required!

Via Magnic

The light system is also equipped with two strong LED lights that will illuminate your path and make your presence on the road or pathway known.


  1. How can I Buy one of this?

  2. How can I Buy one of this?

  3. How and where can I get one of them?

  4. How can I get it plzzzz

  5. How do we buy them?

  6. How can I Buy one of this?

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