This food is 3D printed from unwanted food waste

All around the world, individuals, restaurants, grocery stores, and food distributors throw away countless tons of food on a daily basis. In fact, one third of the world’s food is wasted in this manner. Despite the fact that this food may still be edible or useful in other contexts, it is simply thrown away to rot.

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Via Upprinting Food

This hard truth really hits home when we consider that many countries around the world have citizens that are forced to skip meals or go starving due to lack of available food.

Upprinting Food, an innovative company that 3D prints food from residual food waste, is working to reduce the food-waste epidemic.

Via Upprinting Food

You have certainly heard of “traditional” 3D printing before, but it is rare that we hear about additive manufacturing in the food industry.

The process itself is relatively simple, and it closely resembles any other 3D printing process. As opposed to plastic polymer or any other traditional 3D printing medium, the printing machines utilize food waste.

Via Upprinting Food

All around the world, a great deal of food waste is created because the aesthetics of the food don’t match certain quality standards. Even though these foods are completely edible, they are rejected solely on an aesthetic basis.

With this food 3D printing technology, Upprinting Food can revitalize the image of the rejected food by printing it into a new form or recipe.

Via Upprinting Food

Once the food is printed, the company bakes and dries it – this gives it a crispy texture and a long shelf life.

Via Upprinting Food

Because of Upprinting Food’s efforts, food which would have been wrongfully thrown away and wasted can be consumed and enjoyed.

Essentially, Upprinting Food’s recipes are look and taste delicious and they are sustainable – who’s hungry?

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