These re-configurable blocks will keep you entertained for hours

Remember playing with Legos, Lincoln Logs, and KNEX when you were younger? Unfortunately, as time passed, you likely put these building toys down and completely forgot about the creative side that they brought out in you.

Well, this urge to build and create no longer needs to lie dormant… meet the Ghostkube.

Via Ghostkube

A Ghostkube is essentially a manipulatable sculpture inspired by moving origami. If you look at the GIFS and watch the video below, you will get a pretty clear idea of how the cubes twist and form into different arrangements as you play with them.

The structure consists of cubes that are connected in a three-dimensional structure that can be endlessly reformed and shaped into different configurations.

Via Ghostkube

Once you are satisfied with the design, you can leave the Ghostkube on your shelf or desk to remind yourself and your co-workers of your creativity.

Via Ghostkube

If you want to reshape the cube structure, you can simply take it apart and build a completely new formation using the same pieces.

If these cubes are anything like Legos, I am confident that if I had some of them, I would find myself playing with them for hours at a time working to build different contraptions and structures.

Via Ghostkube

Whether you use these as a decorative piece, a fun stress reliever, or a brainstorming tool, these re-configurable blocks look like a lot of fun for all ages. The only thing that I would be worried about would be getting work done, as I may be a bit distracted with these endlessly entertaining blocks…

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