The climber that lets workers conquer tall buildings

Are you afraid of heights? Well, imagine having to climb on extremely tall steel structures on a daily basis for work.

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This is the reality for countless construction workers around the globe. In order to successfully build large structures and buildings, there is no other option that to have workers physically climb and scale the structure.

Via Column Climber

Thankfully with the help of an innovative device called the Column Climber, workers are able to ascend to terrifying heights without having to worry about their safety.

Via Column Climber

The Column Climber is simple to use, and it allows for workers to safely and effortlessly climb up, climb down, and work right from a steel column.

The device not only allows workers to safely ascend and descend a steel beam, but it also allows them to safely and comfortably work with both hands free on a steel platform.

Via Column Climber

When they are locked into place on the beam with the help of the device, the worker can easily weld, connect, or inspect the structure without having to worry about their balance and overall safety.

The climbing system works with two devices – the Column Climber and the Column Claw. The Column Climber is the device that is attached to the workers feet that allows them to safely climb and stand on the steel beam.

Via Column Climber

The Colum Claw is the device that attaches to the workers body and acts as a fall safe harness. In the event of a fall, the harness catches the worker and arrests the fall.

Via Column Climber

The Column Climber was invented to fulfill four goals that are outlined by its manufacturer. These goals included improving worker safety, reducing costs and simplifying methods and equipment, improving worker productivity, and improving worker comfort to increase worker longevity.

If I ever find myself climbing a steel beam, I would not be caught without this ingenious device.

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