This dress has built in sensors that record harassment at dance clubs

Sexual harassment is an issue that all too many have closely encountered. There is never an excuse to touch another individual without consent; however, many individuals believe that this is okay.

To understand how women were harassed in a dance club atmosphere, engineers built a dress with sensors hidden in the fabric that are responsive to touch. The sensors were then used to measure how many times women were physically harassed and touched without permission throughout the night.

Via Schweppes

For the experiment, three women wore a sensor-filled dress for a night out of dancing. As they were at the dance club, the sensors were constantly lighting up on various points of their bodies.

The data from the hidden sensors was transferred in real time via Wi-Fi to truly understand the frequency of the harassment.

Via Schweppes

Hidden cameras also captured the entire experiment which provided additional disturbing accounts of the sheer intensity of the harassment.

At points throughout the experiment, the women wearing the dresses asked their harassers to stop touching them or to talk to them without touching them, yet they continued to break these boundaries.

Via Schweppes

The experiment yielded disturbing results: in three hours and forty-seven minutes, the three women were touched an astounding 157 times. This equates to the women being touched more than forty times an hour…

This experiment was executed by beverage company Schweppes as part of an advertising campaign that stresses respect and elegance.

Via Schweppes

At the end of the campaign video, Schweppes urged those who wish to talk with someone at a bar or dance club with respect, elegance, intelligence, a sense of humor.

The message behind this campaign is excellent, and the experiment did a great job of bringing the issue of harassment at dance clubs to the spotlight.

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  1. Women that sensitive to being touched should just call it a day and move to an Islamic country and completely cover themselves in a burka.

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