A good night’s sleep is guaranteed with this strange device

There is nothing better than a refreshing, good night’s sleep. When you sleep properly, you are ready to tackle any challenges that the next day holds. What if there was a way to ensure that you were able to get a great night’s sleep every night of the week?

With the help of the iBand+, you may never have to worry about lack of proper sleep again. 

Via iBand+

The iBand+, which is wireless Bluetooth headband and pillow speaker system, senses your brain waves with laboratory level accuracy and leans about your sleep cycle to intelligently adjust audio-visual signals to induce lucid dreams. The device also helps you fall asleep with ease and wake up naturally.

Via iBand+

In addition to helping you sleep, the iBand+ tracks your health and records your body movement, heart rate, and body temperature.

The headband pairs with a pillow speaker to provide audio stimuli that aids in falling asleep and staying asleep. The headband section of the device uses LED lights to stimulate the senses to aid in proper sleep while the pillow speaker plays audio.

Via iBand+

In terms of the audio, the iBand+ app includes pre-loaded audio tracks; however, you can also choose from your own music and audiobook library.

You may be asking yourself – “How does this strange device work?”

Via iBand+

Well, the system is equipped with an advanced auto-leaning software algorithm that uses information from your own sleep cycles to intelligently adjust the audio and visual signals.

As a result of the device’s intelligent learning system, it understands what audio and visual tactics work the best for you to ensure that you get a proper night’s sleep!

Via iBand+

The device is currently available on Indiegogo for $199, and it has an expected delivery date of April 2019. 

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