The best smart home system that lets you adjust everything from one place

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more smart home systems and technologies. Whether it is a voice-operated light, a full security system, a sound system, or anything in between, it is likely that if it is in your home, a “smart” version of it exists.

That being said, with all of these individual smart devices – how can you integrate all of them to be controlled by one interface?

Tielsa:Connect is a smart home system that unites all of your smart devices into one interface. In addition to controlling all of your devices via the platform, Tielsa:Connect designs smart devices that can be fully integrated into your home.

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The Connect system, which is a centrally located interface panel, acts as the central unit to control you home. The system also pairs with an app, so you can control your home via a smartphone or tablet.

The system pairs seamlessly with Tielsa’s smart home device including their adjustable kitchen counters, touchless faucets and cabinets, and sliding TV mount.

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The adjustable kitchen counters may be the coolest part of this smart home system. With this smart counter system, their height is instantly adjustable depending on the user’s height.

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With this system, you can easily control all of your smart devices and even filter between rooms and device functions. This means that from the app or the interface panel, you can control every single light, socket, speaker, and hub module in your home.

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In addition, the Tielsa:Connect box can be used with pre-existing smart home systems such as the Philips Hue and Homematic.

The system can create presets based upon predefined atmosphere arrangements. For instance, if you are hosting, you can design a preset that transforms your space into a lounge-like atmosphere with mood lighting and background music. You can also design a preset to optimize the counter height for each user in the household.

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You can return to these settings at any time by simply selecting them on the app or control panel!

With all of these options, you may never want to leave your home again…

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