These eye drops could replace glasses soon

If you have less than 20/20 vision, you know how much of a pain glasses and contacts can be. If only there was a way to do away with these vision correction tools without the need for invasive procedures such as lasik surgery.

According to a press release, Israeli scientists and clinicians have found a solution to this problem by developing eye drops that can correct near and far-sightedness and eliminate the need for contacts and glasses.


The eye drops, which are called “nano-drops” use nanotechnology to correct patients’ vision. There is not much information on the specifics of the drops at this point in time; however, we do know that the eye drops are filled with nanoparticles.

Application of the Nano-Drops onto the cornea of a pig’s eye (via Bar-Ilan University)

These nanoparticles likely work the same way that glasses and contacts do by altering the direction of light rays to focus them correctly onto the retina. That being said, there are obviously many challenges associated with translating this technology into a drop.  


The drops were developed by a team at Shaare Zedek MedicalCenter and Bar-Ilan University’s Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials.

Currently, the drops have been shown to improve both near and far-sightedness in the pigs that they have been testing on. There are also plans to begin clinical testing on humans, but we do not know the results as of now.

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The researchers also mentioned an extremely futuristic method of prescribing the drops that consists of scanning their eyes with a smartphone app to measure their need for vision correction.


Who knows? Maybe in the future we will have our annual smartphone vision check-up where we will be prescribed a new dosage of vision correcting drops… I’ll believe it when I see it.

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