The innovative turbine can harness wind from any direction

Wind turbines are an excellent means of generating clean energy; however, the traditional turbine design has its share of flaws.

A team of designers recently created a concept that works to solve these design flaws with the goal of building a more efficient wind turbine system.

Via O-Wind

The design is called the O-Wind, and it is an omnidirectional, single-axis wind turbine especially suitable for apartment buildings that face chaotic winds in urban environments.

Essentially,the O-Wind takes advantage of both horizontal and vertical winds without requiring steering. This improves upon the design of traditional turbines, as they can only use wind blowing from one direction and have to be steered if the wind changes course.

Via O-Wind

In terms of its design, the O-Wind is a spherical shape that can be manufactured in different sizes. The smaller design concept is especially useful for small-scale energy production.

This small-scale energy production method can easily be used by residents in apartments by affixing their turbines to their balcony or outside windows.  

Via O-Wind

The O-Wind’s spherical structure is lined with vents that have large entrances and smaller exits for air. When wind passes through the turbine, the pressure differential between the ports causes it to move.

Via O-Wind

Because vents are placed across the sphere, it is receptive to wind from all directions.

The turbine rotation subsequently powers a generator that produces electricity. If enough power is generated through the generator, it can be fed into the national grid. This provides a financial incentive to users and can help increase the amount of sustainable energy production in a region.

Via O-Wind

The design is still in its early stages; however, in the near future, you may be powering your home or apartment with an array of these compact,spherical turbines.

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