These foldable, rollable solar panels let you charge anywhere there is sunshine

If you are a hiker or on a camping trip in a remote location far from electricity, it is likely necessary that you will need to charge your phone and other electronic devices. With no access to a power outlet – where does one look for power. That’s simple – the sun.

With the help of PowerFilm’s ultra-compact and portable solar panels, you can charge your electronic devices anywhere you go – all you need is a little sunshine.

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PowerFilm makes both rollable and foldable solar panels – both are light and flexible and can easily be stored in a backpack. This portability and lightweight is an extremely valuable asset to hikers and campers because every pound counts when you are hauling gear through the wilderness.

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The panels are also extremely durable and built to withstand heavy use.

PowerFilm’s solar panels can even charge in low-light conditions. This means that you can charge when the sun is fading or on a cloudy day.

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With both the rollable and foldable solar panels, the panel itself is mounted to weather-resistant fabric.

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According to a variety of campers and hikers that have used the panels while on an outdoor adventure, they can easily be hung from trees, place on a tent or backpack, or even laid out on the ground. As long as the light is hitting the panel, your devices will be powered!

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Nowadays, it is tough to go without electricity as we seem to have the need to be constantly connected via our smartphones. Even if you are trying to unplug for a weekend, it is smart to have access to a phone in case of emergency. With the portable solar panels, you will never have to fear that your phone isn’t charged should you need it.

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