The shoe that you can grow up with

Children that live in impoverished nations all around the globe face countless challenges on a daily basis. One of such challenges is the need for proper, protective footwear. In these poverty-stricken countries, it is extremely difficult to find footwear for children – when proper footwear is found, it is not long before the child grows out of them.

The Shoe That Grows, an affordable shoe that adapts to a child’s foot as they grow, is a simple yet ingenious invention that works to solve this problem.


With these completely adaptable, expandable shoes, the same child can use the same pair of shoes for years and years.

The shoes adjust via Velcro side straps, front side pegs, and a rear buckle. Depending on the size of the child’s foot, the shoes can be completely fitted to their own unique footprint.


These shoes can accommodate five different sizes and last up to five years.

Without proper footwear, children are more likely to fall victim to soil-transmitted diseases – something that over 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from. In addition, they are more likely to injure their feet which could lead to infection, disease, and lack of mobility.

Via The Shoe That Grows

The most impressive thing about these shoes is that they only cost $15. Although this is considerably expensive for an impoverished family, their long-life span makes them a much more affordable, sensible option than constantly purchasing set-size shoes that fit properly for no longer than a year.


The company that produces and sells The Shoe That Grows also encourages individuals to purchase and donate the shoes to those less fortunate.

Their fundraising efforts have, to date, allowed them to distribute about 185,000 pairs of shoes to children in 100 different countries.

Via The Shoe That Grows

If you have the means to, we encourage you to donate to this worthy cause.





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