These automatic shoe covers will keep your home clean

Let’s face it – as you walk around throughout the day, your shoes get extremely dirty. Whether it is dust, dirt, grass, or mud, whenever you enter a clean space, the clean carpet and flooring are at risk.

With the help of Step in Sock, you will never have to worry about tracking in home-dirtying filth on your feet!

Via Step in Sock

Step in Sock is extremely easy to use, and the covers can be put on hands-free. You simply put the covers flat on the ground and step onto them. When pressure is applied, they automatically fasten to your feet keeping your shoes and the floor clean.

These covers have many uses, but they are mainly used by workers who enter homes or offices to do maintenance. In addition, the covers are used by professional bowlers to ensure that their specialized bowling shoes do not become dirty as they walk around the bowling alley.

Via Step in Sock

Step in Sock covers are reusable and are made with water-resistant, durable, synthetic leather.

In specific, the bottom of the Step in Sock is made from PVC synthetic leather. This tacky, grippy material allows the shoe covers to grip to nearly any surface – especially slick floors. The top of the cover is made from nylon coated with polyurethane. This helps with water resistance and keeps the covers clean.

Via Step in Sock

If you need to keep your clients’ or your own home’s flooring and carpet clean, Step in Sock may be your saving grace. With the hands-free application, these ingenious covers could not be any more convenient. Say goodbye to dirty floors!

Via Step in Sock

Step in Sock is available on Kickstarter for $23 to $28 – they have an expected delivery date of March 2019.


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