This innovative leg lifter helps those with limited mobility

For the elderly and the disabled, everyday tasks such as getting into and out of bed become difficult. Thankfully, with the help of modern medical technology, these tasks can be performed with much greater ease.

One of these pieces of technology is the Multifit LegLifter, a power-driven appliance designed to gently lift a person’s legs from a bedside seating position to the surface of the bed.

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To use the lift, the user simply sits on their bed with their legs over the lifting section of the device. Once activated, the LegLifter gently lifts their legs up and rotates their body so that they are in a resting position in the center of the bed.

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The lift is specially designed to suit the needs of users with diminished balancing ability – this means that they would not need to worry about falling of the life or balancing properly on it. The LegLifter does all of the work!

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The lift’s leg rest is also built to be extra wide to suit users of all statures and builds.

In addition to acting as a mobility solution for elderly and disabled users, the LigLifter is also used by therapists and caregivers. With the help of the lifting device, such medical professionals can reduce physical exertion and save considerable amounts of time.

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The LegLifter is designed for easy installation, and it is compatible with a wide variety of beds including innerspring, slat, and frame beds.

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Weighing in at around 20lbs, the lift is also portable should the user need to relocate or travel.

In short, the LegLifter is a thoughtful, innovative product that can dramatically improve the life of someone who has limited mobility.


  1. It’s fine for patient. Need contact person for buying.

  2. How do I go about getting more information about on the cost of the leg lifter?

    • Hi Nina,
      You can find out more by clicking the highlighted link in the article

  3. Is the leg lifter available for purchase please?

    • Hi Joanne,
      You can find out more by clicking the highlighted link in the article


    • Hi Michael
      You can find out more by clicking the highlighted link in the article

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