The hoverbike of the future can be yours for $150,000

Hoverbikes have been the longtime fascination of sci-fi films and television programs. That being said, these transportation devices were always the product of fantasy and not available for actual consumer purchase.

That is, until now… and for $150,000.

Via Hoversurf.

The Hoversurf S3 2019 Hoverbike is a futuristic craft that brings the hoverbike to the consumer market.

Following a few design alterations and by limiting the maximum speed of the craft, Hoversurf managed to fulfill the US Federal Aviation Administration requirements to officially classify the S3 Hoverbike as a legal, ultralight vehicle.

Via Hoversurf.

Under these classifications, users do not need to obtain a pilot’s license to fly the hoverbike.

The hoverbike is from an all carbon fiber frame that reduces its weight to only 253 lbs. In addition, the hoverbike can cruise at a height of up to 16 feet, but the flying altitude is completely adjustable by the user. The bike’s maximum speed is limited to 60 mph according to the requirement of the law.

Via Hoversurf.

The S3 Hoverbike also features a hybrid, lithium-manganese-nickel battery that provides a flight time of only 10 – 25 minutes (this fluctuates depending on the rider’s weight and the conditions of the flight). The hoverbike can be piloted for about 40 minutes if it is operated in a remote-controlled drone mode.

Via Hoversurf.

Above all, the hoverbike seems like a serious safety hazard. Can you imagine speeds 16 feet in the air going 60 mph all while four blades spin directly below you?

To me, this seems like a tragic accident waiting to happen…

Via Hoversurf.

At $150,000, the hoverbike seems just a bit out of reach for the average buyer. If you want to make the splurge, however, with a $10,000 reservation deposit, you can reserve your hoverbike for delivery in approximately 2 to 6 months.

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