China combats building fires with these rocket launchers

There are not many things that are more terrifying than a house or building fire. In these nightmare scenarios, your life may depend on brave fire-fighters and their fire-fighting technology.

Fire departments in China have developed an unprecedented solution to fighting fires in high rise buildings and skyscrapers. The groundbreaking fire extinguishing system, made by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, launches missiles equipped with fire extinguishing chemicals directly into the burning building.

The extinguisher missile system is attached to a traditional fire response vehicle. This allows the fire-fighting technology to be deployed at a moment’s notice. Each extinguisher launcher vehicle carries 24 fire extinguishing missile units.

Depending on where they are launched, the missiles can extinguish fires on the exterior or interior of a building. With the ability to launch extinguisher rockets to heights of around 1000 feet, the system is extremely useful in tackling fires that are otherwise difficult to reach with standard fire-fighting equipment.

The extinguisher-launcher has both single-shot and cluster-launch extinguishing abilities.

Sending rockets into a burning fire doesn’t sound like the safest idea on paper; however, the system is equipped with safe launch technology and self-destruction features should a malfunction or abnormal fire condition occur.

In addition, the system has both a target detection function and infrared night vision navigation abilities. This allows for accurate targeting in night time and in smoky conditions.

In addition to extinguishing the fire, the system also has the ability to record video from the fire site to be evaluated after the fire is extinguished. These videos are analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the technology and the methods in which the fire was battled.

These fire-fighting missiles are certainly an interesting concept that seems like they belong in a James Bond film. That being said, in the event of a fire, these extinguishing rocket launchers may save your life.

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