Samsung’s new foldable device is a smartphone and a tablet in one

Since Samsung released the foldable phone more than four years ago, Samsung revealed their new foldable smartphone design this week.

Infinity Flex Display looks even better than the original concept. The smartphone has a tablet-sized screen that can fold into a more standard, pocket-friendly size.

Samsung’s foldable phone could be used with one screen or two By Samsung

Samsung also revealed the phone will have a new UI design. The user can run up to three apps simultaneously on the same screen using something they call Multi-Active Window.

There is no concrete timeline regarding the manufacturing and release of the technology, but Samsung’s SVP of mobile product marketing Justin Denison mentioned that they will begin to start mass production of the Infinity Flex Display in a mere “matter of months.”

At this point in time, we don’t know too much about the technical specs of the foldable smartphone, but in the coming weeks, we expect Samsung to release more details.

Samsung did release a few technical specs at a developer convention including pixel density, screen resolution, and aspect ratio.

The Infinity Flex will have a standard pixel density of 420 PPI – for comparison, the new iPhone XS has a pixel density of 458 PPI – the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a pixel density of 516 PPI.

The foldable smartphone’s screen resolution when unfolded is 1536×2152 and when folded it is 840×1960.

When folded, the Infinity Flex has a 4.58-inch screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9. When unfolded, the tablet-like screen will have a 7.3-inch screen with a 4.2:3 aspect ratio. Looking at these specs, it seems that the smartphone is intended to be used primarily in the tablet orientation, as the folded aspect ratio is rather tall and thin. This slim aspect ratio will not be ideal for videos, games, or any other function that require a larger screen.

Google has also officially announced that it will be supporting these foldable devices with Android. The tech giant also revealed that it has been working closely with Samsung in preparation for the launch of this foldable smartphone. They mentioned that they have been working with developers in the adaptation of Android features to support the foldable displays.

By Samsung

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