Bill Gates has a toilet venture

Bill Gates talking through a toilet seat is probably the last thing we imagine.

By Bill Gates

Gates really want people to do something about toilets, and it makes sense. Sanitation is one of the major issues for developing countries. A public sewage system takes resources and time to develop. The health issue derived from the lack of sanitation also put the health care system in more pressure.

Gates’ introduced a few projects from different universities in the US to functional toilets that operate without a public sewage system.

The mechanism is similar, for the waste, a membrane would separate the anaerobic bacteria and solids from the water. The water would be used to flush the toilets, and waste would be turned into ashes.

The solar panels would power the system, so it doesn’t require the toilet to require additional power sources.

Inside the toilet, a seal would be introduced to keep the odor inside of the toilet.

The project is being tested in Africa and will continue to grow.


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  1. Seem very interesting this new technology of the new toilet.


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