This whirlpool generates clean power 24/7

Hydroelectric power, unlike solar and wind power, doesn’t rely on climate conditions. With the ability to generate power 24/7, hydroelectric power is a viable, environmentally sound energy source.

Large hydroelectric power plants and dam systems often have a negative impact on the environment – especially the natural habitats of fish and birds. Turbulent, a micro-hydroelectric power plant, is a environmental-friendly alternative. The system can be installed at any small, natural height difference in a stream or river.

The Turbine system is easy to install, as pre-fabricated parts can be placed directly into the surrounding riverbank with minimal impact on the environment.

Turbulent does not alter the course of the water and it generates power via vortex turbine technology. The system generates power as the water rushes past its turbine system in a whirlpool-like spiral.

The Turbulent system has a smaller environmental footprint in comparison to large-scale hydroelectric operations. The conventional hydroelectric power system uses turbine blades that are dangerous to fish and other aquatic life.  It causes aggressive disruption of water and could lead to further damage to the local ecosystem. Turbulent’s low turbine pressure system, on the other hand, has little impact on the local fish population.



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