This automated CPR device may save your life

In the event of cardiac arrest, every moment counts. When one’s heart stops, CPR, an emergency lifesaving procedure, can double or triple chances of survival after cardiac arrest.

Lucas is a simple and intuitive device that performs external cardiac compressions automatically. The device is used in the same circumstances that call for manual CPR, and as Lucas provides the compressions, the medical team’s hands are free to perform other life-saving actions.

The system is compact and can easily be stored and carried in a backpack which makes it ideal for emergency first responders.

Once the system’s backplate is in place underneath to the patient, Lucas can be fully connected to the patient and begin mechanical compressions. While the system is being attached to the patient, the medical team continues manual CPR.

When the mechanical compressions begin, Lucas provides effective, consistent, and uninterrupted cardiac compressions.

The Lucas system can be used out of the hospital for first responders and in a hospital setting.

In addition, the system can be used to ensure effective compressions during patient transport.

Hopefully, you or your loved ones will never need to use Lucas, but in the unfortunate event of cardiac arrest, it can very well save your life.

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