People are attaching a creepy finger to phones, so what’s next

Nowadays, with our constant texting, tweeting, and Instagramming, it is as if our fingers are constantly tapping away at our smartphones. It almost feels like we don’t have enough fingers to keep up with our smartphone usage.

Developed by Marc Teyssier, a French human-computer interaction researcher, the Mobilimb looks straight out of a horror film. It’s a finger-like device connected to your phone via the micro-USB port.

At this point in time, the device is still only a prototype. It is in no way something you would need, but it looks like it is fun to play with. For example, the finger can draw simple picture interpreting text messages and also provide touch feedback to the user, translating visual messages to touch.

Also, if a text tone is not enough, the device can notify you by tapping on the surface which it is placed on.

In addition, MobiLimb can interact with user input on certain applications developed for the device (we definitely want to try the app that simulates petting a cat).

The limb can even drag itself along a surface to move the device which it is attached to and tilt your smartphone to an optimal position for viewing videos.

MobiLimb was also designed with multiple different textures that alter the appearance of the robotic arm. One looks like a classic robot with exposed mechanical parts and another is made of fur that resembles a cat’s tail.

The most unnerving texture is the covering that resembles a life-like human finger. The finger texture is made from the same silicon material that is used in the film industry to make fake skin, so the attachment looks all too realistic. We are not sure this would be something you would want in your pocket.

The robotic limb is a research prototype at this point in time, but in the future, your phone may have an arm like attachment to help you through your day.

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