These zip-on bike tires let you ride on any terrain

A bicycle’s ability to navigate certain terrain relies upon the treads of its tires. reTyre ONE is a product that can help riders change their tires quickly to adapt to a variety of terrains.

The reTyre ONE is a tire equipped with a zipper system that allows you to quickly and easily swap out the tire’s treads for any road condition.

The zipper system is fully integrated into the tire with high-strength glue and infused thread. The zippers are also made of high-quality material to withstand extreme environments.

The company refers to the treads that you zip onto the tire as skins and offers a variety of options depending on what type of rider you are.

For example, the reTyre Urban Winter skin is equipped with 156 lightweight carbide studs that help the tires grip onto icy roads.

The reTyre All Terrain is designed to handle off road terrains such as gravel or dirt roads.

Lastly, the reTyre Trail X skin is made for rough terrain and is intended to offer optimal stability on off-road trails.

The zipper system is extremely easy to use, and the skins can be swapped out in under a minute. With the help of the reTyre ONE system, you will be ready to ride in any terrain!

ReTyre ONE is available on Kickstarter and a set containing the ReTyre ONE tires along with two pairs of skins can be purchased for $119.


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