This emergency car window breaker could save your life

As Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida coast, streets were filled with flood water. Flash floods that result from hurricanes and other extreme weather are mostly unpredictable in speed and direction. This unpredictability can quickly overwhelm drivers and passengers and, unfortunately, lead to fatalities in vehicles.

Jeddah Flood Jan’11 by Leonardo Gavinci

In many cases, the driver could be trapped in their vehicle if the windows to fail to open with water level quickly rising. The best way to combat fears such as this is to prepare. OWL (Open Window for Life) Car Window Breaker/Seatbelt Cutter is an effective tool that could save your life in dangerous situations.

To use it, you simply insert the card into the vehicle’s upper window channel, pull the card back towards you, and release. Upon releasing the card, the spring-loaded action shatters the window outward instantly. Although there are no moving parts, the OWL is five times more powerful than a springloaded device because it uses physics instead of springs.

Instead of requiring brute force to shatter the window like some window breaking hammers on the market, the OWL acts as one large spring that shatters the window with no force required by the user. With window breaking hammers, the user has to hit the window with a certain amount of force on a “fracture point” to see results. In a nerve-wracking, life or death situation, you may not have the mobility or strength to correctly use such a hammer.

The design itself is very simple and does not feature any moving parts that could malfunction. In addition, the OWL is the size of a credit card and flat, so it does not take up any valuable space in your vehicle.

In addition, The OWL easily mounts to your vehicles visor, console, or door pockets, so it is in reach should you get into an accident.

The OWL also features a razor-sharp steel seat belt cutter should your vehicle’s seat belts lock up and hold you in place in the event of an accident.

When driving, your safety should be of the utmost concern. When the unthinkable happens, it is essential to be prepared with a device such as the OWL – a simple, ingenious invention that could save your life. It is available for around $13, and you can find out more on their website. 


  1. How could I order buy the quantity.. My number 1 808 450 1344… From Hawaii can you let me know…

    • Hi Daniel, you can click the highlighted link in the article. That’s the manufacturer’s website

  2. How can I order 100 of the owl

    • Hi Daniel, you can click the link in the article to get in touch with the company

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