Model 3 Red by Tesla

The Tesla model 3 might be the safest car on the road

The Long Range RWD Tesla Model 3 has recently become the safest car that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ever tested, according to a statement released by Tesla.

The Tesla model 3’s design is crucial in the event of a side, front, or rollover crash. Tesla placed the battery, one of the heaviest components of the car at the center of its gravity. The heavy weight of the battery makes it highly unlikely to roll over.

In addition, the car’s electric motor is placed in front of its axle – this helps with the electric car’s weight distribution, stability, and handling.

Model 3 Crash test

Model 3 crash test by Tesla

If it were to roll over, the Model 3 can also withstand roof-crush loads four times the weight that a standard electric sedan could handle.

The car’s passenger compartment is also protected by large crumple zones that allow the vehicle to absorb energy from a collision.


Model 3 Crash test

Model 3 crash test By Tesla

Inside the car, the Model 3 is equipped with a restraint system that reduces passenger movement in the event of a crash. The car’s advanced airbags also protect the passengers’ heads.

If you are looking for safety on the road, then look no further than Tesla’s Model 3. At $49,000 for a base model, the price tag may be steep for the average driver, but you cannot put a price tag on safety and peace of mind.

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