This vending machine purposefully gets drinks stuck

Have you ever purchased a drink at a vending machine only for the can to get stuck in the machine? In this unfortunate and all too common scenario, the only thing left to do is shake the machine.

As part of an advertising campaign, Orangina debuted a clever vending machine that tricks buyers into thinking that their drinks are stuck.

Once users discover that their drink is unfortunately stuck, the machine prompts them to shake the machine. The vending machine, itself, is built on a swiveling base to make it safe and easy for its users to shake the machine.​

Once the machine is shaken to a certain intensity, it dispenses the beverage.

The goal of the advertising campaign was to remind users that the pulpy, orange-flavored drink needs to be properly shaken to ensure that it is sufficiently mixed. The campaign was accompanied with the tagline “Shake the World.”

Next time your drink gets stuck in a rogue vending machine, we certainly don’t recommend shaking it with the intensity that this machine required… One thing is for sure – the next time we drink Orangina, we will definitely remember to shake it up.​​

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