Say goodbye to rush hour traffic with this flying vehicle  

The TF-2, which is only a concept vehicle/aircraft at this point in time, will pick up passengers from their homes in a truck-like ground module equipped with a detachable pod. The ground module will take them to a nearby “vertiport” where they will transfer to a flight vehicle while they remain in the pod. This transfer time will only take about two minutes.

When they arrive near their destination, the flight vehicle lands and the pod is transferred to another ground module which takes the passengers to their final destination.

The pods can accommodate up to four passengers and luggage. Cargo pods are also designed to carry up to 1400 pounds.

Once again, the TF-2 is still a concept vehicle and will not be a part of your daily commute for quite some time. Terrafugia also noted that the aircraft will adopt all-electric and autonomous systems as the technology continues to mature.

I am not sold on the practicality of this transportation method at this point in time; however, its practicality and efficiency may continue to develop over time.

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