Driven: The world’s most efficient bicycle without chains

While la tour de France closed its curtain, for the weekend warriors who want more cycling news, CeramicSpeed recently debuted a bike prototype, Driven. The bike abandoned the traditional chain system and can perform at more than 99 percent efficiency.

The bike debuted at the Eurobike fair has 13 speed, but what makes it special is its bearings. The chainless 21 CeramicSpeed bearings can perform at 49 percent less friction than the market leading traditional chain and derailleur drivetrains. Upon its debut, Driven received the prestigious Eurobike Award.

CeramicSpeed developed the technology with the mechanical engineering department at the University of Colorado.

Chain and derailleur drivetrains traditionally contain eight points of sliding friction. Driven improves upon their designs by eliminating all points of sliding friction by using a pinion style drive shaft system.

Essentially, the company developed a system in which chain sliding friction is eliminated.

This could be essential for daily commuters and competitive cyclists.

For consumers, there is no news for commercialization yet. CeramicSpeed is still in the process of patenting the technology.

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