BYOC bring you own warm chair to cold weather football games

For the northerners, we all have our winter football game stories. Some of the best games were played in cold weather. So, you’ve got your hat, scarf, and blanket, but when the temperature drops below zero combined with wind chill, sitting on the cold bleachers could be painful. Today, we are testing the Hot Seat, a heated foldable seating chair you can bring into the stadium.


The Hot Seat’s heating features are powered by adjustable, USB charged ThermaGridz heating technology.

It has three heat settings (Low – 100 degrees Fahrenheit, Medium 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and High – 115 degrees Fahrenheit) that are adjustable via the simple push of a button. When heat is not needed, you can simply deactivate the heating feature and enjoy the comfort of the chair.

Upon testing it, it delivered comfortable heat as it promises. The range of heat setting allows you to adjust for varying cold temperatures.

If I put a blanket on top of the chair to further keep in the heat, I could easily withstand even the coldest games.

The only downside was that the heat was limited to the bottom cushion and not the back section. In comparison blankets or even heated blankets, the Hot Seat delivers constant, concentrated, and comfortable heat.


The Hot Seat is made with a lightweight, welded steel frame and the cushioning is high-quality SoftTushion Foam. The back and armrests are also fully adjustable, so you can keep your focus on the game and not an uncomfortable stadium seat.

The seat can be folded up and worn as a backpack which makes it is very easy to carry in and out of the stadium. It should not have a problem bringing the foldable seat in most sporting venues; however, NFL and other national league sports stadiums have strict bag and seat cover policies that vary from stadium to stadium.

The Hot Seat also has multiples pockets for the power supply/controller, your phone, and whatever else you may bring along. In addition, the seat has a cup holder.

The heated seat is also water resistant, so you need not worry about putting it on top of wet bleachers or an accidental spill.

In my opinion, the SoftTushion Foam is quite comfortable and the chair itself is very supportive and superior to traditional, backless stadium chairs.


The Hot Seat works with any portable battery and lasts for multiple hours depending on the capacity of the battery and the heat intensity. You can also bring extra batteries if you want to ensure heat for a long duration of time. The chair can also be charged and powered by any USB power source such as a USB wall charger.

It is important to note that the chair does not come with a portable battery, but you can use any mobile phone charger or mobile battery to power the heating function.


Overall, the Hot Seat lives up to its claims – it is a portable, comfortable heated chair that will make cold autumn and winter football games all the more fun.

The seat is ready to go right out of the box, and all you need to do is charge a portable battery to enable the heating function.

With the Hot Seat, you will never have to dread freezing, uncomfortable stadium seating again.

It is currently amid a Kickstarter campaign and retails for $79.

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