Coming to you soon the floating backpack

Here we are, the era of floating backpack. Hoverglide the manufacturer of the backpack claims it is the biggest innovation in the backpacking industry for the past 3 or even 4 decades. Well, it has the water-resistant material and solar panel you can use to charge your phones with to compete with. Objectively it’s probably not true.

However, the confidence isn’t unfounded. Now you can extend your runs into your commute without worrying about everything in your backpack getting squashed from the ups and downs.

Hoverglide can reduce the impact by 86 percent, which helps to relieve pressure on knees and backs.

It is coming to Kickstarter soon, so if you want one we recommend you to stay a close eye on it because the backpack has been attracting a lot of attention. They will offer 4 styles ranging from 28 liters to 55 liters once its ready to ship.

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