Check out how these 7 gadgets that can make our road safer

Despite the advancement of technology, our roads are still full of threats to the pedestrians, cyclist, or even pets. Here are 7 gadgets that will make our traffic safer.

1. Bikesphere

Bikesphere is a project developed by Michelin to make the road a safer place for the cyclists. The company says the lack of safe distance leads to over 5,000 accident each year. Bikesphere uses light sensors to detect headlights and mark out a radius for drivers to avoid. While this won’t resolve the problem once for all, it definitely helps.

While Michelin hasn’t made it available yet. The British startup Blaze already has a similar product that’s coming soon for $95 on Kickstarter you can get.


2. Turning Signal Gloves

This is almost in the same lane as bikesphere,  ZACKEES added a LED light cyclists could use on a pair of cyclist gloves. Especially if you live in a foggy city like San Francisco, these gloves will help drivers identify the riders. It is available now for $74.95 now.

3. Breaklight on a bike helmet

Cosmo connected uses an internal accelerometer to sense deceleration. It offers additional visibility for other cars on the road. It will automatically send the stress signal to first responders once it detects an accident. The helmet can also send text messages to friends and family including the location once an accident has occurred.

It could be mounted on almost all helmets and could be connected via the Bluetooth. It is available for $155 


4. Helite Airbag Jacket

This jacket would work as an airbag once impact is detected. Your jacket would connect you with the bike via a lanyard, once it is broken the jacket will inflate itself. The jacket is mainly designed for bikers. It looks like a normal jacket and comes in a variety of styles, including the classic black leather jacket. The price ranges from $500 to $ $1000 depending on the style of jacket you choose.


5. Lumos Aster World’s safest commute backpack

This backpack probably has the most light we have seen on one backpack. It has a front light on the straps so drivers would see you in the rearview mirror. It has a profile light, and a backlight that you can use to indicate via your handlebar, and detects brakes automatically.

When you are not on the road, you can lock the bag as well. However, this comes at a steep price. It is available on Kickstarter. 


6. Lumos Helmet 

This helmet is an equivalent of a smart helmet for the cyclists. It has a front light and a backlight, plus signal lights you can mount on the handlebar to control. It needed to be charged via USB and can last about 30 to 40 minutes. It is available now on Kickstarter. 

7. Tracer 360

Either you like to run at night, or just commute on your bike after dark, tracer 360 could help you be more visible to the others out there. You can even put it on your pets. It uses a light you can strap on your outfit like a vest. If it is weatherproof and you can customize it to the color you like. It is available now for $54.95


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