Citroën releases glasses that eliminate motion sickness

Have you ever experienced a disorienting feeling when riding in a car, train, boat, or airplane? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you may be suffering from travel-related motion sickness.

Citroën has solved this problem by developing Seetroën, the first glasses to eliminate motion sickness. The Seetroën glasses contain a colored liquid that simulates the horizon line. This would resolve the conflict between the senses that causes motion sickness.

The technology used in the glasses was inspired by a solution initially developed for sailors. It has a success rate of over 95 percent to eliminate motion sickness.

In addition, the glasses do not actually contain any glass, and they can be worn over glasses.

Citroën recommends that users put the glasses on as soon as they experience motion sickness symptom. Within a 10-to-12-minute timeframe, the glasses “enable the mind to resynchronize with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes were focused on an immobile object such as a smartphone or a book.”

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