This flying train should stay in a 1950s American Futurism science fiction

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The looming warfare of the final frontier

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Human Hoist: the ultimate worker body support system

Human Hoist is a product specially designed for people who have to work in unnatural positions for an extended period of time on a daily basis. It offers workers additional support to save them from chronical injuries developed from muscle strains. The product can not only prevent injuries, but also improve efficiency, and help improve the speed and execution of work.


The darkest material on earth

Imagine the darkest-dark that you could think of… absolute pitch black where nothing is distinguishable by sight. What if this pure absence of light could be applied to an object? With Vantablack, this seemingly impossible idea becomes reality.

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The hottest robot dancing of the year

Yes, we are obsessing with Boston Dynamics’ videos (who isn’t.) And yes, we are calling it, they have just won the hottest robot of the year with the uptown bot dancing seductively to Bruno Mar’s best selling song. 

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